Monday, 2 September 2013

Really Unreal Reality Shows....OMG!

Image: Molly and Jason on The Bachelor finale
Molly Malaney, shown here with "Bachelor" Jason Mesnick on the show's season finale,was rejected by Mesnick. But six weeks later, he had second thoughts, dumped his first choice, and got back together with Malaney. Some viewers figured the change of heart was just one more example of reality show producers meddling with the outcome of shows that are supposed to be real.

Judges(Reputed persons from their respective areas) are fighting with each other, suddenly screens gets black and white and picture goes in slow motion. Blaming and arguing with each other with full strength. Suddenly hosts who was just an anchor before a second becomes a mediator and after a commercial break everything gets normal and the great persons becomes very comfortable with each other.

In other reality show, Contestent even after knowing that he has won the ground finale reacted on the TV as ho does not know about the result. After the stating win when he was asked in an interview by a news channel, he said everything was scripted.

These are only two examples to reflect the reality behind the reality shows.

When Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was still dancing on “Dancing with the Stars,” he said in a Facebook post: “The producers play games to get viewers and don’t disclose the (voting) numbers. If they disclosed the numbers, it would be less of a game, but still suspect. If tomorrow, they claim I’m in the bottom 2 dance teams, including viewer votes, I believe that’s an outright lie.”
“Certainly, reality TV is a very manipulated format where the basis of it is that real people are put into unreal situations to create a story,” said J. Rupert Thompson, a director and producer who includes “Fear Factor” among his credits.                   

India has been grooming a lot of reality TV shows recently and most of them have been controversial to some extend with certain scenes and episodes abusing the traditional and cultural values of the country. There are different viewpoints from people belonging to different walks of life and the impact of reality shows is paving its way today. The reality shows debate being held through different mediums has found more criticism against such crude shows on many national television channels. The strongest question that is blooming in the air against these is

Reality or vulgarity: MTV Roadies portrayed two participants nude on the name of task- Govt. should take action on such content

Recently, one of the popular reality shows called MTV Roadies portrayed two male participants nude on international TV in Brazil on the name of task! This is an insane behaviour to a society where traditional and cultural norms are highly respected. They have neither cared about the social disturbance it would cause nor about the effects of reality shows on children.
Similarly, UTV bindass is also streaming such reality shows that are controversial in India. One of the most popular reality shows of the channel Emotional Atyachaar, attracted lots of controversies and disturbances in Indian society. These shows had taken control of privacy of some people and streaming on the national TV. This is just one part of the offensive show. Sony TV’s comedy circus and Star plus’s comedy ka maha muqabala are some of the worst adult shows which are telecast on prime time when whole family watches show.

Fully scripted with no reality:

Misbah Ali at Sa Re Ga Ma Pa

With an experience of three reality shows behind him, singer Misbah Ali admitted that these shows are scripted but said that these shows do give a platform to the talent. Call it naivety or plain honesty, but Ali said, “Reality shows are scripted. The dialogues, the comments of the judges and even the marks given to each contestant, all of it is scripted.”

Now i am not really certain about the reality of reality shows, though i am sure about the theory of making unreal things realistic is called "Reality shows".

Anyways i should not blame reality shows for playing with the emotions of the audience, if a cricket match on the stage like IPL can be fixed, we can accept the scripted reality shows for our entertainment. Whatever i say, i also like the way Shilpa says "Superrrr se v uparrrrr".

Oh god this is the time of my favorite "Godies", you know what today they will reveal who is really a god in finalists four. Today we will get India's first Diety for 2013, I am so much excited about the result, My prediction says Mr. A must be a diety, I have voted him by lots of SMS, though they charge 7 Rupees per SMS to select my Diety. I am going to watch the final, dont want to miss even a second of it. I will let you know who is the finally our god for 2013. Be in touch.